Are you willing to keep your office furniture costs down by purchasing used or refurbished furniture? You may be surprised to learn how much you can save, particularly on high-end cubicle systems such as those from Herman Miller Ethospace.

Used Ethospace Cubicles

Think about the companies that go out of business every year and those that completely upgrade their office spaces with new furniture. What do you suppose they do with the cubicles, chairs and desks they no longer need? It adds up to a lot of disposable furniture.

In many cases, these companies will recoup some of the furniture’s value by selling it to a furniture liquidator for recycling. This provides you with an opportunity to acquire office furniture, often high-end pieces in excellent condition, at substantially reduced prices.

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About Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles

Herman Miller is the top manufacturer of high-performance office furniture. Their Ethospace cubicles are built with durable steel frames that withstand wear and tear, and are available in a variety of configurations and finishes to ensure that they fit perfectly into any office décor.

Purchasing used Ethospace cubicles allows you to invest in some of the best office furniture in the world at a fraction of the cost of brand new furniture.

Dealers such as EthoSource, headquartered in Morgantown, PA, specialize in pre-owned Herman Miller Ethospace furniture which they acquire from Fortune 500 companies across the nation. They choose the best pieces and transport them to their headquarters, where they clean, inspect and repair them as needed.

Pay a visit to the EthoSource of Philadelphia retail showroom in King of Prussia, the company’s other locations in Reading and Morgantown, or visit their website to see their current selection of used and refurbished Ethospace cubicles.

Buying Tips

You’ll discover that many dealers sell used desks, chairs, cubicles and workstations “as is.” This means they’ve made few, if any, repairs. A better option is to find reputable dealers who inspect, clean, make necessary repairs, reassemble and refinish the pieces to “like new” condition.

  • If you need refurbished Steelcase cubicles to complement the cubicles you already own, find a dealer that specializes in the manufacturer’s product line.
  • Compare prices, options and warranties on both new and used cubicle systems from different manufacturers. You may find that high-end used or refurbished workstations from premium manufacturers, such as Ethospace, are not out of your price range.
  • Don’t decide solely based on price. It can be tempting to settle for lower-priced cubicles, but your savings could disappear if the furniture is made with substandard materials and you have to repair or replace them earlier than expected.
  • Ask about a warranty. Remanufactured and refurbished cubicles should come with some type of warranty. Some dealers also offer limited warranties on used and/or reconditioned furniture.
  • If possible, visit the dealer’s showroom.  Knowledgeable experts can demonstrate the products and you can see their size and scale to decide if they will fit your space.

Used Ethospace cubicles may be just the solution you’re looking for to revive your office space at an affordable price.