Open office workstations are a great way to keep your office warm and inviting. Finding the right furniture doesn’t have to be difficult. has created a national directory for the US that lists all the furniture stores located in the region. We offer listings of furniture stores in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and all over the country to help our clients find great deals.

Open office workstations can help businesses retain talented employees and staff members while simultaneously encouraging collaboration and exposing people to all kinds of expertise. Creativity is often accelerated in these environments, and innovation frequently blossoms.

Open Office Workstations

Of course, the success of your open office workstation is wholly dependent upon how the people working in it feel about it. When people are comfortable in this arrangement, they seem to be more engaged in their work, communicate better with peers, and feel a stronger connection to your company.

If you have been looking for the right furniture to set up your open office workstation, we suggest that you do some research. Companies like EthoSource in Morgantown, PA have online catalogs to help you identify the best deals and design ideas that work. They offer high-quality refurbished and new office furniture systems at a discount.

Once you have determined which furniture is going to work best in your office, there are some things you need to know to ensure that your employees and staff members like it. Since lots of Fortune 500 companies have invested in this process, there are things we can learn from them.

3 Things to Know about Setting up Your Open Office

If you are hoping to transform your workers’ responses to the new layout and build what environmental psychologists refer to as “place identity,” these three things are helpful tips!

Share your vision early on. Though it would be natural to assume place identity occurs after everyone is in the new set up, this isn’t accurate. If you share your vision of an open office prior to making significant changes, you will help employees buy in to the new design. Let people know that the concept is to encourage collaboration and peer connection. Share that you are hoping it will help produce better results for clients as well as staff.

Get excited about the new arrangement. Your attitude can make or break this transition. Make sure you approach this new design with positivity. Though some of your people may initially feel threatened by this easy access environment, your enthusiasm about being able to work together more closely can alter their whole perception. When workers feel better, they do better.

Let your people adapt the space. People who feel they have the freedom to personalize their own areas and workspaces are more invested in their time there. Allowing them this form of expression invites a more colorful and personal décor. You might even consider suggesting that they rearrange the furniture whenever the task at hand calls for it. This invites maximized collaboration and holistic buy-in to the entire idea.

Now you are prepared to support your team’s move toward an open office workstation layout. Reap the rewards of this new design as you watch your staff become happier and more productive.