Every office is unique, and flexibility is the key to success. Benching systems for your open office may be the ideal solution and could help you increase collaboration and productivity in certain types of work flows.


Open Office BenchingAlthough some may call these systems cubicles, they are quite different. There is no paneling to divide the working areas, which means you’ll be able to accommodate more people at a table or work surface. In other words, benching systems allow businesses to create an aesthetically pleasing environment with better functionality than the customary cubicle workstation.

Advantages of Benching Systems

  • Benching encourages group interaction and teamwork, making for better departmental communication.
  • Benching accommodates more workers in the same amount of space, decreasing real estate costs per square foot.
  • Many benching systems are modular and can be easily moved or reconfigured to meet the needs of the individual users.
  • Hybrid solutions allow for power and data distribution along a center spine, and can support long horizontal worksurface spans.
  • With lower (or no) partitions, natural light and views increase, which have been shown to dramatically improve productivity and mental alertness.

Benching works particularly well in environments where workers spend the majority of their time working in teams, e.g., marketing, engineering, research and development, product development, IT project teams, consultants, managers, architects and designers.

Benching setups are also ideal when your business has a number of outside salespeople, telecommuters and other transient workers who spend more time on the road than in the office. The bench provides them with a place to plug-in, work and collaborate with colleagues.

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