The open office is here to stay. Consider a benching system to maximize your use of office space and spark some conversation, collaboration and innovation!

At, we’re on a mission to help you find nationwide resources where you can acquire new and pre-owned office cubicles, benching systems, chairs, desks, and conference room furniture at exceptionally affordable prices, whether you need one item or enough furniture to fill an entire office.

Why Benching?

If your employees need to work together but are stuck in full-height cubicles all day, they may be discouraged from doing their best work. A benching office design may be the ideal solution for turning your office into a welcoming, productive environment.

Open Office Benching Systems

Think customer service representatives, school administrative offices, and teams of architects, designers, engineers, marketers, and software developers for whom collaboration is critical. High walls and panels create communication obstacles that stifle conversation and fresh ideas.

With little or no paneling to divide up work areas, benching systems accommodate more people in less space with bench-like desks and tables and individual lamps, computers, and chairs. They can be set up every 5 to 10 feet, allowing employees to spread out comfortably and collaborate.

According to recent studies, employees who can see each other while working are 15% more productive than their isolated cubicle pals. Benching workstations allow them to move around, interact with coworkers, brainstorm, and learn from each other.

Also, few of us are lucky enough to snag an office window, so natural light is a bonus when we have to be cooped up inside all day. With lower (or no) walls, more natural light can fill and brighten your workspace. Studies show that well-lit environments promote health and happiness, reduce eyestrain, increase productivity and may even decrease absenteeism.

Implementing a benching system doesn’t mean you have to completely eliminate privacy. Employees still need personal space, and many businesses designate rooms where individuals can step away for personal phone calls, lounge areas that accommodate spur-of-the-moment meetings, and private rooms where employees can focus on heads-down tasks without noise and interruptions.

Where to Find Bargains

Great office furniture shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, so consider buying used or refurbished furniture to get more bang for your buck. Buying liquidated office furniture can be a great solution for businesses on a budget.

Many premium office furniture dealers, like EthoSource in Morgantown, PA, that specialize in new furniture from top national manufacturers, are also furniture liquidators. They routinely buy used office furniture from customers who are upgrading or relocating and make it available to you at huge savings.

Inject some personality into your open office space with stylish, spacious benching style systems and workstations. They can make a huge difference when it comes to office productivity!