Office designs have changed dramatically over the years. Many companies are moving towards open office benching solutions. The need to create higher levels of communication and a greater sense of team spirit has spurred this movement on.

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There are many companies that offer businesses like yours the ability to purchase open office benching. Dealers like EthoSource in Morgantown, PA, don’t just liquidate furniture but are specialists in high-end brands. They offer you significant savings on quality furniture because they buy their pieces from companies that are relocating or upgrading.

Open Office Benching Solutions in New York City

Open Office Benching Solutions are Beneficial

Maybe you have been considering removing the physical barriers between employees and are wondering how open office benching can make a difference in your workplace. If that’s the case, we’d like to share with you the benefits of this furniture solution:

Removing the walls. When we take down those physical barriers, we allow our coworkers and employees to have better communication because they can converse more readily. This can improve morale and make the flow of information seamless. Removing the walls can help connect departments and eliminate redundancies because people are working more closely with one another.

Changing the design. Benching solutions are often modular, which means they can be changed with minimal effort and as frequently as you desire. They provide you with flexibility and are an efficient use of your workspace. Benching systems don’t take up the same kind of space that cubicles do and, because they are so adaptable, you will appreciate the added engagement you see among your employees.

Adaptable to all needs. We understand that there are some people who simply must work independently and in a more private setting. That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate open office benching into your current setup. In fact, because they are so adaptable, you could feasibly separate your office into distinct areas. One that allows for the privacy of cubicles and the other that allows for sessions and meetings that engage all.

If your business requires a high level of communication and active engagement between employees, open office benching systems are quite possibly the best solution available today. But, if you’re still not sure that this style of office furniture is a perfect fit for you, we are certain that the people at EthoSource can provide much needed answers.