If you are redecorating your office in Texas or starting entirely from scratch, don’t limit yourself to the furniture stores in your home town. There are amazing bargains to be found in all areas of the country.

Office Furniture Stores in Texas

Our goal at OfficeFurnitureDirectory.com is to help you find resources throughout the nation that offer reasonably priced new and used office furniture to meet your needs. Please refer to our map and directory system for office furniture stores in your area.

If you plan to get rid of your old office furniture, you will also find companies on this site that offer furniture liquidation services.  It’s worthwhile to check into this service because the value of the furniture you’re discarding may earn you a credit toward the purchase of new furniture.

Tips for Buying Office Furniture 

When visitors walk through your door, will they find it looking organized yet inviting? Is your office attractive and professional-looking, or did you furnish it haphazardly with a mishmash of outdated desks, chairs and filing cabinets from discount stores around town? You can create a reputation for quality and style without blowing your budget. 

Do you plan to have different styles of furniture for executives and senior management, or will all of your employees have identical furniture? Before you buy anything, there are several things you’ll need to consider, such as size, materials, storage, ergonomics, etc. Some things will be decided based on space, the type of work you do, and your corporate culture. 

  • Styles: Many executives link their offices to their status at the company. Some like traditional styles, others prefer contemporary designs, and still others love the modern look of steel and glass. Consider giving managers and executives the leeway to be creative and choose their own décor as long as they stay within your overall image goals.
  • Size: Size matters. Take care to consider the type of work your employees do before confining them in spaces that are too small to fit the things they need. Small workstations are best suited to call centers, where workers usually need a phone, a computer and a storage drawer or cabinet. Paperwork-heavy jobs and jobs that involve collaboration and client meetings will need more space, larger desktops and better storage.
  • Materials: Wood furniture is a perennial favorite. Fortunately, it’s durable, and many a wood desk has outlived its occupants. Expect a wide variety of options, including oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, etc. If you’re going for a contemporary or modern look, glass, metal and laminates are excellent choices.
  • Ergonomics: Ergonomically designed desks, chairs and workstations are important to keep your employees healthy and comfortable. Make sure that desks and tables are adjustable to an individual’s height to provide better leg clearance. Invest in computer screens that can be lifted to eye level to eliminate neck pain, and adjustable keyboards that will help alleviate hand and wrist discomfort.

Businesses have a wide range of office furniture options in Texas, both at stores in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, and others across the nation. Take some time to shop around and you may be pleasantly surprised at the premium furniture systems you’ll be able to acquire for your office space at a significant savings.

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