All businesses in Massachusetts, large and small, want to save money, so finding office furniture stores that offer high-quality furniture at good prices is the first step. But who has time to visit every furniture dealer in the area?

Office Furniture Stores in Massachusetts

At, we want to be your ultimate office furniture resource. We can help you find, compare and research office furniture dealers without wasting a lot of precious time. Featuring one of the most up-to-date directories of dealers and stores across the nation, you’ll find a vast selection of industry resources and information you can rely on.

Certainly, shopping at a local furniture store in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell or Cambridge will allow you to see and touch the furniture you’re thinking of buying, judge the quality, and inspect the workmanship. And you can try out the furniture to make sure it suits your office space.

But don’t pass up the great bargains to be had when you shop online. You’ll be able to compare prices to find the best deals. And there are thousands more products to choose from than could possibly be stocked by your local furniture dealer.

Many of the dealers listed in the database have extensive websites with detailed descriptions of the desks, chairs, cubicles and other inventory as well as plenty of photos you can browse through to see the condition of the pieces, and prices are always available at the click of a button.

Used and Refurbished Office Furniture

If you need new workstations for your business or are considering a complete makeover, you’ll also have access to used and refurbished office furniture at tremendous discounts of up to 75%. This means you’ll be able to afford four times more furniture or can purchase better quality furniture like Herman Miller Ethospace. If you are furnishing your office on a limited budget, savings like this can’t be beat.

Refurbished office furniture is furniture that has been renovated to look and function like new furniture. It maintains the underlying structure of the furniture, but allows customers to reconfigure the pieces and choose colors, patterns or styles to fit their workspaces.

Buying used or refurbished office furniture is also the best thing you can do for the planet. Most office furniture has a useful life of over 20 years; however, on average, 1,502,000 tons of office furniture goes into a landfill every year because the owners don’t know what else to do with it. The consequences are that some of the materials (upholstery, plastics) disintegrate and leach toxic chemicals into the air and groundwater.

The process of recycling office furniture uses no new raw materials, a fraction of the energy, and significantly less labor to prepare it for re-use. If your company is pursuing green initiatives or the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification, purchasing pre-owned office furniture helps protect and preserve the earth’s resources and enhances your reputation as a “green” business.

Featured this month is EthoSource, one of the nation’s premier providers of pre-owned, refurbished and new office furniture, which is headquartered in Morgantown, PA. The company’s retail showrooms include EthoSource of Philadelphia, located in King of Prussia, and EthoSource Reading. In addition to high-quality furniture, the company offers other furniture-related services, such as space planning and design, complete project management, and nationwide office liquidation.

If you need innovative office furniture ideas to keep your workforce satisfied, focused and efficient, look through our resources for stores in Massachusetts.

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