In the past decade, open offices have become very popular for businesses in Pennsylvania and the nation, but studies show that nearly 95% of workers dislike the layout and want their privacy back! Office furniture stores offer a wide range of products that can take your office atmosphere from disruptive to productive without spending a fortune.

Office Furniture Stores in Pennsylvania

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The Open Office Backlash

Once considered an indicator of innovation and collaboration, open offices are coming under fire. A 2013 study by the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that the increased noise levels and decreased privacy of open office configurations resulted in higher levels of stress for employees, and lower levels of concentration and motivation.

So, what is the best way to boost productivity? Are there certain types of office furniture that can keep employees satisfied and lower their stress?

Modern office cubicles may be the ideal solution. Their flexibility in styles, colors and configurations have changed to make workspaces more user-friendly, and give employees a more comfortable and healthier place to work.

For example, check out the online catalog of a company like EthoSource in Morgantown, PA. They specialize in high-quality new and used cubicle systems and can supply you with a wide range of design ideas. Or visit their EthoSource of Philadelphia retail showroom in King of Prussia, or their other location in Reading, to see their vast assortment of office furniture.

How Office Cubicles Can Help

Frame and tile cubicle systems, such as those offered by industry leading Herman Miller, offer clear and translucent window tiles and privacy doors for open and functional, yet private, office spaces.

You’ll also find new architectural glass products and acoustic door systems that provide maximum noise reduction and privacy in a today’s cubicle environments. Think frosted glass and exterior graphics. Think interior privacy blinds.

If you want to maintain a balance between privacy and collaboration, consider cubicle designs with common area tables, shared meeting spaces and multiple seating configurations. Incorporate gathering areas where workers can chat with colleagues, have informal meetings, or plop down with a laptop.

Private offices and cubicles offer an escape from the prying eyes and ears of coworkers. Should employees need to hide in a stairwell to take a personal phone call? Should they have to listen to a coworker singing aloud while trying to concentrate on balancing your accounts?

Office cubicles are also designed for noise reduction. The endless racket in most open-plan offices – laughing, coughing, ringing phones, noisy keyboards, slamming printer trays, pounding staplers– is enough to drive anyone mad.

Obviously, it’s less expensive to squeeze more workers into a smaller open space than to spend more to provide more square footage per employee. But greater density often brings more aggravation. Think of it like flying coach on an airplane today. Space and legroom have dropped to such an uncomfortable level that passengers erupt in anger at even the slightest provocation. A little extra space and privacy makes for happier workers.

If you are looking for innovative office furniture ideas to keep your workforce satisfied, focused and efficient, look through our resources for stores in the Pennsylvania area.

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