Whether you are interested in buying or selling used office furniture in Philadelphia, liquidators can offer you spectacular value.

Selling Used Office Furniture

Businesses downsize, remodel, and upgrade frequently, leaving them with miscellaneous workstations, desks, chairs, cubicle panels and file cabinets they don’t plan to use. Many of these items wind up in landfills and contribute toxic chemicals to the environment.

If you’re in the initial planning stages of an upgrade or downsize, and need to get rid of your old office furniture, don’t just move it to storage to worry about some other day. Consider selling it to an experienced office furniture liquidator.

Furniture liquidators will buy your discarded furniture. They will come to your location, evaluate it, take inventory, make you an offer, and give you a timeline for disassembly and removal. Moving costs are covered by the liquidator, and there are never any ongoing storage costs.

Office Furniture Liquidators Philadelphia

Buying Used Office Furniture

Purchasing refurbished office systems from a liquidation company is the closest you can get to buying new furniture without paying the high prices. Recycled office furniture is also the platinum standard for green commercial interiors.

Reputable liquidators will have taken the used furniture apart, inspected it, cleaned it, made necessary repairs, reassembled it and refinished it until it is hard to distinguish from new furniture. You may also be able to choose new colors, fabrics and finishes.

If your company is pursuing green initiatives or LEED certification, buying recycled office furniture helps protect and preserve the earth’s resources. Recycling office furniture uses no additional raw materials, a fraction of the energy, and significantly less labor to get it ready for re-use.

Find out if the furniture liquidator you choose offers eco-friendly office furniture solutions. They may be able to help you earn LEED credits in the categories of “Materials and Resources,” “Indoor Environmental Quality,” and “Innovation and Design Process.”

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Whether you are looking for high-end office furniture at the best possible prices or would like to recoup some of your investment from items you no longer need, professional furniture liquidators in Philadelphia can provide you with low-cost solutions and maximum value.