When looking to furnish educational spaces and schools, consider reconditioned cubicles and workstations. Refurbished office furniture can save you 30% to 70% off the cost of brand new furniture and stretch your limited campus budget.

Office Furniture for Educational Spaces & Schools

At OfficeFurnitureDirectory.com, you’ll find office furniture stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland and across the nation that offer spectacular savings on new and used office furniture for schools, including single piece or whole systems from high-end brands like Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Hon, and Steelcase.

Classroom Furniture Trends

In the “old days,” classrooms were filled with structured rows of desks and uncomfortable chairs, and we were expected to sit quietly for long periods and pay attention to the teacher. Fortunately, classroom furniture has evolved to meet your educational goals and objectives.

Common spaces that encourage collaboration have become more popular, and “movement furniture” is among the latest trends. Inspire creativity by accommodating sit/stand workstations and other casual spaces where students and employees can find a fresh, invigorating environment to learn and work.

Modular office systems that can be moved around offer greater flexibility and allow you to reconfigure space to meet your needs in a matter of minutes.

As students change from individual learning to partner learning to group learning, mobile furniture that can be rearranged is the ideal solution. Create a U-shaped set up that’s effective for presentations to large groups. Or cluster two to five desks to encourage collaboration on small group projects.

Benching is another great option in the classroom. It promotes communication and interaction by making use of low-height walls and shared work surfaces, yet balances the openness with privacy by means of screens, personal lighting and creative storage options.

Student movement and collaboration are important parts of the learning process, and furniture dealers like Ethosource in Morgantown, PA offer panel based and freestanding benching solutions and a vast assortment of new and pre-owned mobile, flexible furniture that allow you to customize layouts and accessories to meet the needs of your educational space.

We encourage you to consider the great deals available across the nation on office furniture for educational spaces and schools, as well as for all types of work environments. Contact us today if you would like to advertise on this site or if you would like us to add your company to the OfficeFurnitureDirectory.com database.