Today, many businesses are implementing cubicle solutions for their employees that are not only practical, but attractive. If you need office furniture for a new business in Allentown, or are upgrading and need additional pieces, consider bringing some personality and productivity into your workspace with new or refurbished cubicle systems.

Office Furniture Allentown offers the resources you need to find good deals on both new and used office furniture and cubicle systems, particularly high-end brands like Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Hon, and Steelcase. Check our map / directory for stores that serve the Allentown area. We continue to add new stores across the nation to our database in an effort to help you find great selections and great value.

Innovative Workplaces

Telecommuting and non-traditional work schedules have become more commonplace, and businesses are innovating with collapsible workstations that can be moved with a crank along tracks to change the size of the space as needed, and are even transforming prefabricated shipping containers into offices. Some companies are even being sought out by job applicants simply because of their innovative office designs.

And we’re not suggesting those Dilbert-style “cubicle farms.” Your team doesn’t have to be confined in a maze of endless, sterile cubes, but workers seem to be no happier with the newer “open office” style, which is noisy and provides no privacy. It’s possible to reach a happy medium and maximize limited office space with well-designed cubicle systems.

Common design trends this year include:

  • Comfort & collaboration
    Instead of formal desks, stiff chairs and closed doors, consider setting up a few working “pods” to encourage employees to interact with coworkers outside their cubicles. Add some comfortable lounge-style seating or even bean bag chairs that will put everyone at ease yet energize them.
  • Mix it up
    Breaking down barriers is always good, but people still need private space for phone conversations and closed-door meetings. Incorporate impromptu break areas along with small conference rooms and private phone rooms to support the various types of work that need to get done in a given day.
  • Get them moving
    Sitting at one’s computer desk all day has proven to be unhealthy. Consider installing standing desks, even in meeting rooms, to encourage employees to move around during their day. Even treadmill desks have become popular.

Google Zurich designed cubicles that resemble ski-lift gondolas to serve as small conference rooms. Canada’s BICOM Communications built cubicles that look like small cottages – a “village” effect – and arranged them around “public squares.” Square, in San Francisco, used cubicles with glass panels to make the space bright and airy, and installed a coffee bar and tables where employees could work standing up.

In the Allentown area, you can find cubicle solutions, both new and refurbished, at EthoSource. The company’s 50,000 sq. ft. showroom, EthoSource of Philadelphia ,in King of Prussia, PA, is full of new furniture from top manufacturers, such as Cherryman, Compel, Global, and other premium brands. The company also specializes in pre-owned and refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace cubicle systems that can be customized however you like.

“Refurbished” office furniture has typically been completely disassembled, inspected, cleaned, repaired, reassembled and refinished until it is virtually indistinguishable from new furniture. You can usually choose new finishes, colors, fabrics and laminates to suit your needs, and many pieces come with some type of warranty. The best part is that you can find refurbished furniture at a savings of 30 to 70 percent.

It’s not necessary to rent the perfect office space in Allentown to make everything fit; simply design the office furniture around the needs and style of your workforce.  Use our directory to find stores that offer products to fit your budget. Contact today if you would like to advertise on this site or be added to our database.