In case you didn’t know, many companies remodel and upgrade their spaces annually. This means they get rid of the furniture they no longer need. And, if you are a savvy shopper, this is a great chance to get real deals on cubicles for sale from dealers in the Philadelphia area.

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Many premium office furniture dealers, like EthoSource in Morgantown, PA, don’t just specialize in top brand-new furniture, but also liquidate furniture. They routinely purchase from customers who are relocating or upgrading and are then able to make this furniture available to you at significant savings.

Now that you are certain you can get a great deal on office cubicles for sale in Philadelphia, PA, you might need a little help enabling your staff to adjust well to your new cubicle design aspirations.

Office Cubicles for Sale in Philadelphia, PA

Helping Employees Adapt to Cubicles

Asking an employee to relocate from a private office to a high traffic cubicle location can be a serious transition. And, it might be something that makes or breaks your relationship with that staff member. That’s why it is important to focus on ways to help employees adapt to their new cubicles.

Here are some helpful options you could provide for people who are moving into a cubicle based office design for the first time:

  • Noise Limiting. One of the biggest problems switching from an individual office setting to a new cubicle area is the enhanced noise factor. So, a great way to help your staff adjust is by purchasing white noise machines, air purifiers, and/or noise canceling headsets.
  • Wall Height. Many cubicles come with rather short walls. However, there are cubicles designed with higher walls. This can help with noise and distraction issues that might be a problem for your staff to adjust to. Additionally, cubicles with high walls give the feeling of separate office locales, making them far more comfortable for those used to privacy.
  • Meeting Space. If your employees must work in a cubicle based environment, to save on your bottom line, offer extra meeting spaces. These locations can provide employees with quiet places to escape to when their workloads require it. And, it will give them the freedom to utilize an enclosed area when they need to hold a meeting or a confidential conversation in person or on the phone.

While cubicles are often hailed as a great way for employers to save money, they can create significant discomfort and apprehension in staff. Following the suggestions we have prepared here will help your staff make the transition with less fear. So, be sure to remember this when you are looking for office cubicles for sale in Philadelphia, PA.