Looking for office desks that offer a balance of privacy, flexibility and employee interaction? A benching system can help you accomplish all of this and save you money at the same time.

Benching systems enable you to accommodate more people in less space with bench-like desks or worksurfaces and low-height dividers. Work areas feature screens, personal lighting, storage, and chairs set up every 5 to 10 feet, enabling employees to spread out and collaborate.

They are a perfect fit for customer service/call centers, administrative offices, schools, technology firms, law firms, architecture and design firms, marketing firms, and any other office setting where greater productivity involves team collaboration.

Office Benching Desks

Benching setups are also an efficient solution when your business has a number of outside salespeople, telecommuters and other mobile workers who spend most of their time on the road. The bench provides them with a place to plug in, work and collaborate with colleagues, and you won’t have to reserve cubicles for individuals who are rarely in the office.

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Why Benching Systems Are Popular

  • Benching systems enable businesses to create an aesthetically pleasing environment with better functionality than the customary cubicle workstation.
  • Benching encourages group interaction and teamwork, making for better departmental communication.
  • Benching accommodates more workers in the same amount of space, decreasing real estate costs per square foot.
  • Benching systems eliminate the cold, negative, claustrophobic feelings associated with high-walled cubicles.
  • Benching systems can be customized with fabrics, finishes and accessories to create the right workspace for each employee.
  • Many benching systems are modular and can be easily moved, modified and reconfigured as work needs change.
  • Hybrid solutions allow for power and data distribution along a center spine, and can support long horizontal worksurface spans.
  • With lower (or no) partitions, natural light and exterior views increase, dramatically improving productivity and mental alertness.

Benching systems are a great solution for companies that want to encourage exchange of ideas and better communication by giving individual employees greater access to their colleagues and superiors.

If you’re concerned about loss of privacy and the potential clutter and distractions a benching system could attract, these issues can be easily remedied by instituting some new office protocols.

Consider limiting the personal items you allow in work spaces and the number of personal phone calls. Add phone rooms where employees can go to make private calls in comfort, and provide small meeting rooms where they can concentrate on heads-down tasks without noise and interruptions.

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