The evolution of modern office layouts and furniture in Austin, TX over the past several years has been tremendous. Perhaps this is related to all the tech and startup companies that have popped up across the country. Fun spaces that allow for collaboration and comfort-based creativity seem to be here to stay.

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Modern Office Furniture in Austin, TX

Popular Modern Office Layouts and Furniture

You don’t have to be located in Silicon Valley to have the modern office furniture you have been dreaming about. And, your location can be as elaborately or sparsely laid out as you want it to be. But, just in case you’re not sure what ideas best suit your industry, we’ve got some tips for you.

The modern office scene has hit like a semi-truck. No industry has been left out. These trends can work no matter what you do or what services your company offers. Here are some of the top ones to consider:

  • Color Coded Offices- This gives the environment a much-needed pop of color that helps keep employees organized and enthusiastic.
  • No Assigned Seats- When you allow employees to work from wherever they choose, the sense of autonomy boosts creativity.
  • Natural Décor- Spending exorbitant amounts of time in an office can be draining, so it’s a great idea to bring plants into the work place. They help purify the air in your offices.
  • USB Port Paradise– Just about everything requires a USB port for charging these days. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to incorporate USB ports in walls, lamps, and desks.
  • Under Desk Organizers– Add these in your open office layout to declutter employee work spaces. They can help hide unsightly wires and papers.
  • Walls of Whiteboards– Creating giant whiteboards on your office walls will help employees work together and keep things interesting.
  • Standing Desks- You would be surprised how many people discover they’re more productive while standing up. Plus, you will be promoting a healthier environment for your employees.
  • Collaborative Workspaces– Letting people sit together opens the door for discussion. And, it can help produce some great ideas.
  • Lounge Areas- These often include couches where employees can comfortably work on their laptops or just take a much-needed break. Remember that happy employees are more productive ones!

Obviously, there are many more modern office furniture and layout designs available. However, we wanted to give you a quick peek at some of the most popular concepts so you can make an informed decision when you make your furniture purchase in Austin, TX.