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Law Firm Office Furniture

Embracing Change in Your Law Firm

The reality is that change is coming for those of you looking to create a modern-looking law firm. Modern law offices are experiencing a transformation that reflects all the changes represented in the commercial interior design world. Perhaps you have observed the ideas and concepts that are affecting the industry.

Unlike many other businesses, law firms are often slower to adapt to design changes. Attorney’s needs are frequently at the forefront of their office designs rather than accepting the need for more casual and flexible office space for those in their employ. We understand that your design must continue to protect confidentiality, but here are some ideas driving the necessity of change:

  1. Smaller Office Spaces– Attorneys are continuing to see a reduction in office space. In fact, many firms are opting for universal office sizes, regardless of an attorney’s seniority. Situations like these are allowing for standardized furniture choices, improved efficiency of space, and reduced operational costs.
  2. Focusing on Collaboration– The truth is, the legal library is slowly, but steadily, on the way out. This means that there will be an even greater need for spaces designed for attorney collaboration. This presents a design challenge. Extended seating areas and stand-up meeting areas are one way that law firms are getting more creative.
  3. Consider Consolidation– Lawyers are becoming more self-sufficient while dedicated legal secretaries are becoming less necessary. Due to this, new support models called “resource centers” are on the rise. These are consolidated spaces that become home to a host of personnel making them all readily accessible to the attorneys within your firm.
  4. Incorporate Glass Walls– Cubicles have been the traditional office go-to for years. However, in a hope of creating more transparency and inviting increased interaction, many law offices are adding glass fronts to their office spaces. Because lawyers and their staff need to work in teams these days, this step is a move toward more openness. It makes the environment collaborative and embraces a sense of togetherness.
  5. Stay Healthy– Perhaps you have noticed the tremendous focus on the health and wellness of those within office spaces. Law firms are starting to follow the shift that has been evident in other industries for quite some time. They are incorporating healthy snacks and adding physical activities to their daily agendas. But, as office furniture goes, there needs to be a move toward layouts that include movement as well as sit-stand desks. These things will contribute significantly to the health and wellness goals of your law firm.

If you have not been using your space wisely, then these creative ideas for law firm office furniture can be of great benefit to those who visit and work within your firm. There are specific kinds of furniture that will contribute to and support the evolving needs of the attorneys in your office. It’s time to begin proactively engaging in the changes necessary for success.