Have you wondered how to dispose of old office furniture, but are worried about the amount of trash already in our landfills? Perhaps you could use some ideas for repurposing that old office furniture instead.

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This is why we spend time reviewing office furniture liquidators like EthoSource, based out of Philadelphia. They know a lot about buying new, used, and refurbished furniture and even a little about repurposing that old furniture that you’re ready to kick to the curb. Here’s what they shared with us about reusing old furniture.

How to Dispose of Old Office Furniture

Repurposing Old Office Furniture

We understand that the lifespan of office furniture is finite, and it will eventually need to be replaced. Eventually, you have to retire those cubicles, desks, chairs, and filing cabinets. But that doesn’t mean you have to call the local junk company for removal. Here are some interesting methods to repurpose instead of disposing of old furniture:

  • File cabinet planters. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) suggests that indoor air pollution can be costly to business owners. Turn those old beat-up file cabinets into planters. This would be a great way to ensure you are getting healthier air inside the office.
  • Refinish wood desks. Yes, it might look terrible right now. There could be deep gouges in the desktops or chipping going on, but there are plenty of ways to refinish wood when the desk is still structurally sound. You can consider pigmented and penetrating oil stains, varnishes, or even paint. Just give the desk a good sanding, and you’ll be on your way to a completely new look for that old piece.
  • Cubicle billboards. Are broken cubicle walls getting you down? Consider hanging those old walls on your current walls. They can be used as billboards for employee recognition, posters, notes, and notices, etc. They are great for decoration purposes, and since you already have them at your disposal, why not get more use out of them?
  • Reupholster. It would make a lot of sense to throw out that chair because the fabric is cracked or ripped. Most people would do exactly that. But there are a lot of ways to reupholster that will give that old chair a complete makeover without spending too much. This is an especially useful tip when you still like the chair.

Of course, we understand that you can’t always repurpose your old office furniture, so, if you are looking for additional ways to get rid of it, here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Liquidate. Use an office furniture liquidation company, like EthoSource, to rid yourself of old furniture you are no longer using. If it is in good enough condition to resell, you may be able to pay for some of your new furniture with the proceeds.
  2. Donate. There are many nonprofit organizations that are willing to accept your used furniture. Give a few of them a call and see if they are willing to pick up from you.
  3. Recycle. If the old furniture is simply worth a pittance, opt for recycling instead. A lot of recycling companies will even give you a receipt for the furniture, and you can write it off on your taxes as donations.

There are many ways to dispose of old office furniture, and you now have a number of great options at your fingertips.