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Consider an Activity Based Working Design

For years, we’ve been decreasing the amount of privacy and personal work space for employees by abandoning high-walled cubicles in favor of open office designs.

Although recent studies have found that offices that provide a line-of-sight connection between workers are 15% more productive than their isolated cubicle counterparts, it’s impossible to satisfy every worker’s needs every day or to predict how the flow of your business may change in the future.

This is why many businesses today are employing “activity-based working” design – a combination of low- or no-wall benching desks, higher-walled cubicles and individual private offices – to both absorb noise and provide space for employees to make personal phone calls and concentrate on heads-down tasks without distraction.

Workers engage in a variety of different activities throughout the day and need different types of work settings to accommodate these activities. Activity based working is based on the premise that no employee has an assigned workstation. Instead, they can choose from a variety of activity areas that are most conducive to the task at hand, such as learning, focusing, collaborating and socializing.

This “best of both worlds” plan of attack can give your workers the freedom (with limitations) to decide for themselves how to work, where to work, which tools they need to be most efficient, and with whom to collaborate to get their work done. It may serve to make your employees happier and improve productivity for your business.

Whether you have an open office design or offer individual offices for each employee, make sure your commercial work space is suited for the types of tasks that need to be done.  Understand your people, understand how they work, and then build your workplace around it.

One way to get started is to set up a pilot workspace that lets you try new technology, new concepts in office furniture, such as benching desks, standing desks, adjustable desks with motorized legs, filing cabinets that act as seating, and mobile storage, as well as the reaction of your employees to your plan before you commit your organization to a huge change.

Whether your office is in a warehouse or a skyscraper, you can make small changes in your high end commercial furniture to turn the space into a more welcoming environment for your employees and improve overall productivity for your business.