The executive office furniture you choose will project a sense of professionalism and success, but you don’t need to spend a fortune. Consider our tips on bargain shopping and on arranging your office furniture to make the space look its best.

Our goal at is to help you find nationwide resources where you can acquire new and pre-owned office cubicles, chairs, desks, and conference room furniture at exceptionally affordable prices, whether you need one item or enough furniture to fill an entire office.

Executive Office Furniture


Where to Find Bargains

Great office furniture shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, so consider purchasing used or refurbished furniture to get a bigger bang for your buck. Buying liquidated office furniture can be a great solution for businesses on a budget.

Many premium office furniture dealers, such as EthoSource in Morgantown, PA, who specialize in new furniture from Cherryman, JSI, Compel, National and others, are also furniture liquidators. They routinely buy used office furniture from customers who are upgrading or relocating and make it available to you at huge savings.

How to Arrange Your Executive Office

Clear Entryway

The entrance to your office should have as few pieces of furniture near it as possible to avoid visually shrinking the space and interrupting the traffic flow. Placing your executive desk, bookshelves and other heavy-looking pieces away from the door will make the space “feel” larger.

Visual Balance

To balance the space visually, try to avoid placing all of your heavy pieces in one corner of the room and leaving a big, blank area at the other end. Keep in mind that visual balance can be accomplished both with furniture and décor. If your furniture is at one end of the room, hanging some large statement art at the opposite end will balance everything out.

Leave Some Wall Space Open

Avoid placing everything up against the walls; it can make the room appear smaller and cluttered. Rectangular desks generally make better use of space than round or oval desks and offer more surface working area. Consider placing the desk in the center of the room. If the space is too small, place the desk against a wall but leave visitor chairs out in the open.

Consider Traffic Flow

Your office should be easy for you and others to move around in. Struggling to get around your furniture can be irritating, and working in a cramped room can cause you stress.  You could also be creating a fire hazard if you fail to leave a 3-foot-wide walkway. By arranging filing cabinets and bookcases close to your desk and increasing the walkway space, everyone will find it more comfortable.

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