It’s important to choose your designer executive desk carefully; it’s the area of your office where you will do most of your work.

Whether you decide to buy new, used or refurbished desks, they should be comfortable and accommodate your work style. This will improve your efficiency, your productivity and your job satisfaction.

Designer Executive Desk

Tips for Choosing Executive Desks

Think About How You Work

Do you work alone or collaborate with others on a regular basis? Do you have impromptu meetings at your desk? How much privacy do you need?

You will have a wide range of desking options and cubicles/workstations that can accommodate your privacy and collaboration needs. Cubicles, or modular systems of frames and tiles that can be configured together to create workstations, have not gone the way of the dinosaurs as the so-called “experts” would have you believe. In fact, they provide the privacy employees and executives alike still crave in this “open office” era.

Consider the Desk Shape

It may seem like a regular, rectangular desk would be the best choice for privacy and space. If you collaborate often, irregular shapes such as L-shaped desks, P-shaped desks and U-shaped desks make for better communication.

An L-shaped executive desk can wrap around a corner, leaving you plenty of workspace while allowing room for another desk, a small conference table or lounge furniture.

L- and P-shaped desks offer colleagues and customers a sitting area and a flat surface to work on, making them feel like they’re collaborating with you instead of sitting in the principal’s office.

Work Within Your Budget

Set a realistic budget and buy the best quality executive desk your business can afford. Laminate and wood veneer desks offer stylish, modern and cost-effective solutions. If you need to impress clients, glass and solid wood are sophisticated high-end choices.

If you are trying to furnish your office space on a tight budget, consider pre-owned office furniture. You may be able to find high-end pieces in excellent condition and save 30-70% off the cost of new furniture.

Many premium office furniture dealers, such as EthoSource in Morgantown, PA, who specialize in new desks from Cherryman, JSI, Compel, National and others, are also furniture liquidators. They routinely buy used office furniture from customers who are upgrading or relocating and make it available to you at huge savings.

Don’t make decisions based on price alone. It can be tempting to settle for lower-end executive desks, but your savings could evaporate if they are made with substandard materials and you have to repair or replace them sooner than expected.

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Bottom line? Be sure to compare prices, options and warranties on both new and used furniture from different manufacturers. You may find that a high-end designer executive desk from a premium manufacturer is not out of your price range.