Improve morale in your office and encourage a more creative, collaborative environment by implementing custom benching workstations in your work space to meet your unique needs.

Today’s employees have different expectations for their working environments. They have less need for separation, and prefer office setups that allow them to sit together on the same row, and often, across from each other.

Benching systems are a popular cost-saving solution for businesses who like the idea of open offices spaces. The systems combine bench-like tables and chairs with little or no paneling between employees, and feature individual lamps, computers, and chairs set up every 5 to 10 feet, giving your staff room to spread out and eliminating barriers.

Custom Benching Workstations

Advantages of Benching Systems

  • Benching encourages group interaction and teamwork, improving departmental communication.
  • Benching reduces real estate costs per square foot by accommodating more workers in the same amount of space.
  • Many benching systems are modular and can be easily reconfigured or relocated to meet the needs of your staff.
  • Hybrid solutions allow for power and data distribution along a center spine, and can support long horizontal worksurface spans.
  • With fewer high-walled cubicles, more natural light can brighten the space. Studies show that well-lit environments promote health and happiness, reduces eyestrain, increases productivity and may even decrease absenteeism.

Benching works particularly well in offices where workers spend most of their time working in teams, e.g., marketing, engineering, IT project teams, research and development, product development, consultants, architects and designers.

They’re also ideal if you have outside salespeople, telecommuters and other mobile workers who spend more time on the road than in the office. Give them some space to touch down, plug in and work without having to hold empty cubicles open.

Some benching systems are designed to work together with traditional cubicle panel systems, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to accommodate employees who need more privacy with a more traditional cubicle environment, and teams that require more collaboration can enjoy a benching system.

Benching workstations are available in a variety of layouts and sizes. They can be straight or configured in L or U shapes. Some seat two people, while others can seat eight or more. Choose higher privacy screens, or remove them completely for teams that work side-by-side for most of the day.

If you think that noise and lack of privacy might become a problem, add phone rooms where employees can go to make private calls, and provide small meeting rooms where they can concentrate on tasks or meet privately with each other or with you.

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If custom benching workstations sound like a great solution for all or part of your work space, we encourage you to review the online catalogs of dealers who specialize in high-quality new and used benching systems and can supply you with a vast number of design ideas.