High End Commercial Office Furniture

Create a modern and elegant commercial workspace with high end office furniture from the world’s top brands without exceeding your budget.

OfficeFurnitureDirectory.com is a national listing service / directory for office furniture stores throughout the U.S. We have the resources to direct you to exceptional deals on new, refurbished, reconditioned and remanufactured office furniture from dealers […]

Executive Office Furniture

The executive office furniture you choose will project a sense of professionalism and success, but you don’t need to spend a fortune. Consider our tips on bargain shopping and on arranging your office furniture to make the space look its best.

Our goal at OfficeFurnitureDirectory.com is to help you find nationwide resources where you can acquire […]

Designer Executive Desk

It’s important to choose your designer executive desk carefully; it’s the area of your office where you will do most of your work.

Whether you decide to buy new, used or refurbished desks, they should be comfortable and accommodate your work style. This will improve your efficiency, your productivity and your job satisfaction.

Tips for Choosing Executive […]

Modern Executive Office Design

Modern executive office designs today range from simple and elegant to extremely luxurious. The space should be comfortable, support the executive’s specific working style and business needs, and leave a good impression on potential business partners and clients.

Depending on the amount of space you have available, the type of work you do, and your corporate […]

Modern Office Furniture Ideas

Turning a large open space into a productive modern office can be a challenge. Do you want cubicles, another type of furniture, or are you looking for something more open and collaborative? Here are some ideas that may help.

Cubicles, or modular systems of frames and tiles that can be configured together to create employee workstations, […]

Buy Office Chairs Online

Chairs are some of the most essential pieces of furniture for any office. Whether you need 5 or 1,500 of them, you can buy them online at discounted prices.

OfficeFurnitureDirectory.com provides nationwide resources for shoppers who are looking for great deals on new and used office chairs and other furniture, particularly from high-end brands, such as […]

Versatility of Office Benching Systems

Consider office benching systems to improve morale and internal relationships and promote creativity and collaboration in your office.

Benching systems are particularly advantageous for customer service/call centers, administrative offices, schools, technology firms, law firms, architecture and design firms, marketing firms, companies with a staff of mobile workers, and any other setting that requires a blend of […]

Office Benching Workstations Philadelphia

Benching workstations are the cornerstone of today’s open office environment, providing flexibility and cost savings for your Philadelphia floor plan.

Benching systems enable you to accommodate more people in less space with bench-like desks and tables. Featuring individual lamps, computers, and chairs every 5 to 10 feet, these systems make it easier for employees to collaborate […]

Benching Style Workstations

Do your employees need more open space, natural light, moveable desks, and other less formal styles of seating that make it easier for them to collaborate with colleagues and share ideas? Benching style workstations can provide just the solution you need.

With the growth of telecommuting and non-traditional work schedules, employees today have transitioned into a […]

Custom Benching Workstations

Improve morale in your office and encourage a more creative, collaborative environment by implementing custom benching workstations in your work space to meet your unique needs.

Today’s employees have different expectations for their working environments. They have less need for separation, and prefer office setups that allow them to sit together on the same row, and […]