Modern Executive Office Design

Modern executive office designs today range from simple and elegant to extremely luxurious. The space should be comfortable, support the executive’s specific working style and business needs, and leave a good impression on potential business partners and clients.

Depending on the amount of space you have available, the type of work you do, and your corporate […]

Custom Benching Workstations

Improve morale in your office and encourage a more creative, collaborative environment by implementing custom benching workstations in your work space to meet your unique needs.

Today’s employees have different expectations for their working environments. They have less need for separation, and prefer office setups that allow them to sit together on the same row, and […]

Quality Office Furniture for Sale in Philadelphia

Businesses in Philadelphia can take advantage of a wide variety of quality office furniture that’s for sale in the area at exceptionally affordable prices.

Here at, we provide nationwide resources for companies that are looking for great deals on new and used office furniture, particularly high-end brands, such as Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, and Steelcase.

Check our […]

Office Cubicles Philadelphia

Office cubicles can be a big expense, but there are exceptional bargains to be found in Philadelphia and across the country.

At, we’ve put together a map and directory system filled with office furniture stores throughout the U.S. to help you find new and used office cubicles, workstations, desks, chairs, reception area furniture, conference room […]

Desk-Based and Benching Systems

Create an inviting and interactive workspace with desk-based and benching office furniture systems that can take your traditional office to a new, innovative level.

Do your employees need more open space, moveable desks, standing desks, and other less formal styles of seating that make it easier for them to work with colleagues and share ideas? Benching […]

Benching Workstations

Gone are the days that companies could afford to leave high-walled cubicle workstations empty awaiting their road warrior employees. Benching is ideal for accommodating mobile workforces and for fostering a greater level of collaboration and connection for everyone else.

When you think about the ubiquitous “cubicle farm,” it’s easy to see that their high walls and […]

Office Benching Desks

Looking for office desks that offer a balance of privacy, flexibility and employee interaction? A benching system can help you accomplish all of this and save you money at the same time.

Benching systems enable you to accommodate more people in less space with bench-like desks or worksurfaces and low-height dividers. Work areas feature screens, personal […]

National Office Furniture Liquidators

National office furniture liquidators can provide you with low-cost solutions and maximum value, whether you are looking for high-end office furniture at the best possible prices or would like to recoup some of your investment from items you no longer need.

Consider how many companies go out of business every year. What do you suppose they […]

Office Furniture Liquidators New York City

Are you familiar with office furniture liquidators and the value they offer to businesses in New York City and across the nation? Whether you want to buy furniture or get rid of furniture you no longer need, they provide effective solutions at amazingly affordable prices.

Studies show that new business creation in the U.S. peaked about […]

Open Office Benching

Every office is unique, and flexibility is the key to success. Benching systems for your open office may be the ideal solution and could help you increase collaboration and productivity in certain types of work flows.


Although some may call these systems cubicles, they are quite different. There is no paneling to divide the working areas, […]