How to Dispose of Old Office Furniture

Have you wondered how to dispose of old office furniture, but are worried about the amount of trash already in our landfills? Perhaps you could use some ideas for repurposing that old office furniture instead.

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Open Office Benching Solutions in Philadelphia 

Open office benching solutions in Philadelphia aren’t as hard to find as you might think. In fact, we have some excellent advice for you about the benefits of open office benching systems that might help you determine how best to utilize them in your office space.

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Adjustable Standing Desk

The adjustable standing desk is the latest ticket to employee health. Shopping for them for your office doesn’t have to be a huge chore either. Once you understand the benefits of these sit to stand desks, you will realize what an excellent business investment they are.

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Open Workspace Furniture

Have you been looking for open workspace furniture? You can find a host of high quality new furniture online, but you will save 30% to 70% when you buy refurbished furniture instead. This will help you stretch your limited budget.

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Open Office Benching Systems

The open office is here to stay. Consider a benching system to maximize your use of office space and spark some conversation, collaboration and innovation!

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Office Benching Solutions

Office benching systems may result in happier employees and can be a very effective way to maximize your use of space. is a national listing service / directory for furniture stores throughout the U.S. We list office furniture stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland and throughout the nation to help you find great deals.

Benching systems are particularly […]

Luxury Modern Office Furniture

Make a powerful statement about your company with luxury modern office furniture that helps characterize your business as creative, cutting-edge and dedicated to success. Your office design can also lead to happier employees and better overall efficiency. is a national listing service / directory for office furniture stores throughout the U.S. Our resources will help […]

Sit to Stand Desks

If you have a desk job, studies show that sitting at your desk all day can be harmful to your health. Sit-to-stand desks can help you counteract the negative effects. provides you with the resources you need to find great deals on both new and used office furniture, including sit-to-stand desks from high-end brands, stand […]

Adjustable Height Desk

The adjustable height desk has grown increasingly popular as companies pay more attention to office ergonomics. These desks can be adjusted between standing and sitting to help promote better posture and alleviate back pain and the other health problems caused by sitting too long.

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