Are you looking to buy and sell used office furniture? Maybe you have been wondering how to make the most money when selling your used desks, conference tables, chairs, and everything else office furniture related. Whether you are closing up shop, or looking to remodel, we have advice for you.

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You might have realized that there are a lot of furniture dealers, like EthoSource in Morgantown, PA that sell new and used office furniture. These dealers enable you to access high-end brands without all the high-end prices. They can provide you with quality furniture at significant savings because they are frequently purchasing used furniture from companies that are relocating or upgrading. Check out their office furniture liquidation services if you have furniture to sell.

Buy and Sell Used Office Furniture

If you have been hoping to sell some of your own used furniture for the purposes of redecorating or calling it quits, you probably will benefit from some tips on how to make the most money.

Make Money Selling Your Used Office Furniture

Regardless of the reasons behind your desire to sell, making the most out of the furniture you are getting rid of is probably a top priority. Follow these tips to get as much as you can:

  • What’s it worth? Determining the value of the office furniture you are trying to sell is the first step in making money. If you have high-end, brand name furniture then it will be worth more, so, check the labels! When you’re not sure about the monetary value, it helps to do some research online to see how much similar items are being listed for.
  • Price it right. This part is quite challenging. It is really easy to overprice, or underprice, your items. So, it’s important to be realistic. Remember, you are selling used goods. It isn’t worth what you paid for it anymore. People who are looking at buying your used furniture are probably pretty well informed about what things are worth. Make sure that you really look over your pieces before setting the price. If there’s anything wrong with them, the value is instantly decreased. Fix the simple stuff to maintain worth.
  • Where to sell? This is an important question to address. Obviously, it is advisable to advertise your used office furniture online. But, if that’s the plan, make sure you take some really good pictures and write enough details to attract customers. Garage sales, yard sales, and even consignment shops are additional options. The latter will end up cutting into your profit margin as they will charge you to sell your furniture through their businesses.
  • Negotiate well. Set your price, but be prepared to have to negotiate with the savvy shoppers who will contact you. If someone tries to lowball you, be ready to counter the offer. Haggling, when selling used office furniture, is definitely a big part of the process.

If you plan to explore how to buy and sell used office furniture, take this advice and you will find it can be financially beneficial and might even be a little bit fun!