Gone are the days that companies could afford to leave high-walled cubicle workstations empty awaiting their road warrior employees. Benching is ideal for accommodating mobile workforces and for fostering a greater level of collaboration and connection for everyone else.

When you think about the ubiquitous “cubicle farm,” it’s easy to see that their high walls and panels can create communication obstacles for employees who need to share information, ideas and resources in the course of an ordinary work day. Think customer service representatives, school administrative offices, and teams of architects, marketers, designers, engineers, software developers and others for whom collaboration is crucial.

Benching Workstations

Will a Benching System Work for Your Office?

With little or no paneling to divide up work areas, benching systems allow you to accommodate more people in less space using bench-like desks and tables. They feature individual lamps, computers, and chairs set up every 5 to 10 feet, enabling employees to spread out and collaborate.

Many companies have found benching systems to be not only an outstanding cost-saving solution for their open office spaces, but one that provides their workforce with a more flexible and communicative space that makes them more efficient. In fact, recent studies have shown that offices where there is a line-of-sight connection between workers are 15% more productive than their isolated cubicle counterparts.

Other benefits of benching in the open office include the ability to:

  • create an aesthetically pleasing environment with better functionality;
  • reduce real estate costs through increased seating density and multi-use environments;
  • easily add to, move and reconfigure these modular systems to meet the needs of individual users and changing business needs;
  • house power and data distribution along a center spine and support long horizontal worksurface spans;
  • increase natural light and exterior views, improving mental alertness and eliminating the negative, claustrophobic feelings associated with high walls.

If you have an interest in benching for all or part of your office space, we encourage you to review the online catalogs of companies like EthoSource in Morgantown, PA. They specialize in high-quality new and used benching systems and can supply you with a wide range of design ideas.

Benching Systems and Privacy

Implementing a benching system in your office environment doesn’t mean you have to completely eliminate privacy altogether. Employees still need personal space, and many businesses incorporate designated rooms where individuals can step away to make personal phone calls, lounge areas to accommodate informal meetings, and private rooms where employees can concentrate on heads-down tasks without noise and interruptions.

When developing a design to meet your needs, it’s important to reflect on the type of work your employees do in your decision. Benching may not be the best choice if your employees need a lot of quiet and privacy in order to be productive.

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